Geoff Hinton doesn’t need to make hidden units. They hide by themselves when he approaches.

Yann Lecun - Fun Stuff

Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute.

— H. Abelson and G. Sussman (SICP) via lit

Python is the most popular introductory language at top U.S. universities

Python is now the most popular introductory teaching language at top U.S. universities

Yours truly, 2007 [PDF]:

Python is well designed for beginners being easy to use and easy to learn. It was, in fact, designed to be easier to learn, read and use yet powerful enough to illustrate essential aspects of programming languages and software engineering. These advantages not only make Python well suited for teaching programming to Computer Science students but also for students in other areas.

I never really understood the hate against Phil Fish. This explains it. Internet stupidity explained.


James Mickens at Monitorama PDX 2014

Hilarious comedy sketch about word counts, the cloud and the “mossad/not mossad” threat model.

Spurious Correlations

Nothing new here but I feel stuff like this should be printed as a poster and hanged around everywhere.

While on the subject, p-hacking should be the a chapter in every intro to stats course.

Translation: “We’re every bit as appalled as you are by the crass nature of this, but holy shit you should see how much money they’re paying us. Pass the gin.”

Daring Fireball: Translation From Polite British Spokesperson-ese to Plain English Regarding Samsung’s Rebranding of Heathrow Terminal 5

Stochastic gradient algorithms are also notoriously hard to debug because they often appear to somehow work despite the bugs. Experimenters are then led to believe, incorrectly, that the algorithm itself is flawed.

Leon Bottou

If P=NP, then the world would be a profoundly different place than we usually assume it to be. There would be no special value in “creative leaps,” no fundamental gap between solving a problem and recognizing the solution once it’s found. Everyone who could appreciate a symphony would be Mozart; everyone who could follow a step-by-step argument would be Gauss;

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Changing Threats To Privacy. By Moxie Marlinspike @ Blackhat Europe 2010. Great talk about “Choices that aren’t choices”.

xkcd Photos: “Other people having experiences incorrectly”.

xkcd Photos: “Other people having experiences incorrectly”.

why wages are really so low today

How Unique - and Trackable - Is Your Browser

Your browser fingerprint appears to be unique among the 3,722,510 tested so far.

Well, f.

Awesome MS-DOS Viruses in Action

Malware for a more civilized age…

Markt DOS Virus looks scary—and it is: it formats your entire C drive.

Still less frustrating than video game DRM.

Data Science Weekly

This is new and looks cool.


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